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Surf Spots in the Tamarindo Area

Tamarindo is one of the best surf destinations as it is a great place to use as base to explore a wide variety of surf breaks within a short distance. Breaks within walking distance include the rivermouth, Langosta, Pico Pequeño (to name a few) and within a short drive you can surf Grande, Avellanes, Negra and a boat trip away from Witches Rock and Ollie's Point. The bay of Tamarindo stretches for about four miles, bordered on the north end by Playa Grande and the Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas de Guanacaste, where leatherback turtles can be seen laying eggs at night, and to the south by the south end of Tamarindo itself. There are at least four distinct surf breaks along that stretch from north to south.

River Mouth - Tamarindo

Solid right beach break with hollow waves as they hit the inside reef. Best conditions on a due WEST swell with offshore flow and at mid-high tide. Not a totally classic rivermouth setup, but a damn good wave when the sand settles just right, which it can for weeks at a time. Rights on the south side and lefts on the north. It's at the north end of town, across from the Vista Villas.

Pico Pequeño - Tamarindo

Right lava reefbreak that can get absolutely insane -- it seems to favor a southwest swell and a mid-high tide (low tide is sketchy and shallow), it's right in the heart of town.

Old's Man - Tamarindo

Known as a classic longboard wave with a sweet shoulder offering high, nose riding lefts & rights. Best conditions at mid tide with offshore's.

Playa Langosta

- Tamarindo

Exposed beach break just north of Tamarindo with hollow peaks. Can get crowded at the main peak but there are plenty of fun lefts & rights on the outside reef & beach break. Best conditions at mid - high tide with offshore flow.

Witches Rock - Access by boat only (North) 

2 mile stretch of beach with hollow sand bottom beach breaks creating long lefts and rights. Take off can be steep, however offshore's generally keep the wave open and easy to surf. Best conditions with a west/southwest swell at incoming to high tide.

Ollie's Point - Access by boat only (North)

Right point at the river mouth with fast, hollow waves that roll on the beach endlessly breaking over a rocky bottom (hence, Endless Summer II). Take off at a series of rocks with slow entry. Best conditions at outgoing to mid low tide and south/southwest swells.

Playa Grande

Probably the most consistent of all Tamarindo's spots, even though it's a 20-minute drive or 30-minute hike north of town, Playa Grande is a cooking beachbreak, especially on a good south swell. It's a somewhat flat-ish beach, so it has the tendency to close out at low tide, but at mid-high tide, it's all close-to-shore, A-frame tubes -- the best (and most crowded) peaks are right in front of the Hotel Las Tortugas. Always bigger than town -- if everywhere's flat, Grande will have something to ride, and it's especially good when an off-season south combines with wintertime offshores.

Playa Avellanes

A series of rights and lefts from a river mouth offering a series of peaks including reefs and beach breaks. The northern end of the river mouth boasts an outside reef break, "Little Hawaii," which works best on a west or northwest swell and is ideal for longboarders.The rivermouth is a rock bottom right that can get very hollow and best at low tide in the am.

Playa Negra

12 kilometers south of Tamarindo offering a rock-reef right break that is fast & hollow at low tide creating a picture perfect ride. Best conditions in the morning with a mid tide going out. Negra will pick up swell from many directions and crowds can be a factor.

Playa Marbella

Located between Junquillal and Ostional, this is one of the area's most consistent breaks offering excellent conditions with the presence of offshore winds.

Surf Spots in the Nosara Area:

Playa Nosara

Nosara receives consistent swells, good wind conditions and has become a popular spot for longboarders.

Playa Pelada

- Nosara

A rock reef on the north side which is best with a north swell at incoming high tide. Not very consistent and gets very crowded

Playa Guiones 

- Nosara

A beach break with a left point that works better at high tides and early in the morning. This area offers some of the most consistent year round surf ranging from head high to double overhead and much less crowded than the Tamarindo area.

Playa Ostional 

- Nosara

Beach and reef break with rights and lefts that works on higher tides and south to southwest swells. Located north of Nosara.




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