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Costa Rica Surf Adventures (CRSA) Disclaimer 


I hereby make formal acknowledgment to Costa Rica Surf Adventures tour and surf camp cancellation policies, rules and procedures. In consideration of acceptance of my surf tour or camp package, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators release and hold harmless, Costa Rica Surf Adventures, their agents, instructors, tour guides, and any and all people and/or officials connected with Costa Rica Surf Adventures from all liability for any and all injuries and/or damage what so ever arising from my participation or presence during my and or son/daughters surf tour/surf camp Package.

I give my word to inspect the different surf break sites and assure myself that the area is safe for surfing and further agree that I will not surf in the area unless I am satisfied that the area and conditions are safe for surfing purposes.

Further, I agree to abide by the decisions of the tour guides, surf instructors, and any official Costa Rica Surf Adventures agents/employees. I further agree to stay clear of dangerous areas when surfing and not surfing.

I have read this release and understand it fully.

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